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'WILLKAT' specializes in wholesale and retail of Natural Stones, for building, various levels of elevation and garden designs amongst others. We import our products from the south of Europe and Asia, and still diversifying. Our Natural Stones are unique to others in the Polish Market.

We offer amongst other products: garden stones, building stones, gneiss, sandstones, limestone etc.

Our sales point is easy to locate, we offer exceptional service to clients, with dozens of ideas and assistance on the best choices and use of our stones, we always encourage our clients to come around and have a closer look at our products.


We welcome building contractors, garden designers, garden shops and individual clients to partner with us. At WILLKAT we are open to ideas as we work to satisfy the requests of the most demanding clients, who appreciate aesthetic qualities, ecological and practical use of our products. We are always ready to help every client make the most accurate choices so that each client went away happy and make recommendations about our products.



  ADDRESS   87 - 400 Golub - Dobrzyn
      ul. Sokolowska 44F
      Za Targowiskiem w Dobrzyniu
  TELEPHONE   0 601 319 627
  FACEBOOK   WillKat Hurtownia Kamienia

gallery products contact map

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